Bring bad actors to justice

Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) works with brands, law enforcement, and customers across the globe to stop bad actors and hold them accountable.

Working together to stop bad actors

We want to stop counterfeiters, no matter what they are – both online and offline. We created CCU to pursue these criminals and defend the rights of brand owners and protect customers from counterfeit products.
Detecting counterfeit globally
We partner closely with brands to collect information about their intellectual property and products. We detect, investigate and remove counterfeit items from our stores and identify bad actors as targets for prosecution all over the world.
Taking action against bad actors
We work closely with brands to stop counterfeiters by conducting investigations, referring cases to law enforcement, and pursuing litigation to seize counterfeit products and get justice for right owners.
Disrupting counterfeit networks
Together, we identify and pursue counterfeiters at every link in their supply chain, and manufacturing, distribution, logistics and financial resources. These actions help reclaim illicit funds and deter counterfeiters from continuing their operations in our stores.

Your partner in justice

We use every tool at our disposal to find and remove counterfeit from our stores.
We work with brands of all sizes, and independently if necessary, to pursue counterfeiters.
Our combined efforts give law enforcement the evidence to stop criminals in their tracks.
Together, we continue to pursue legal consequences against counterfeiters for their actions.

Protect your brand with the power of Amazon



Counterfeiters that Amazon filed civil litigation against in United States courts in 2021.



Criminals sued or referred to for investigation by the Counterfeit Crimes Unit in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and China in 2021.



Counterfeit products identified, seized and appropriately disposed of in 2021, preventing them from harming customers or being resold elsewhere.

Latest news

New partnerships, lawsuits and noteworthy stories about Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

Joint lawsuit protects customers and brand authenticity

October 24, 2022
Amazon and FELCO file a joint lawsuit against bad actors selling counterfeit pruning shears

Amazon partners with GE to stop counterfeiters in their tracks

August 11, 2022
Amazon and GE file a joint lawsuit to protect customers from fake water filters

Taking down social media fake review groups

July 18, 2022
Amazon files lawsuit against fake review brokers across more than 10,000 groups on Facebook


How do I get started with Counterfeit Crimes Unit?

As a brand, you must:

• Be enrolled with Amazon Brand Registry with an active registered trademark.
Identify that your goods were counterfeited and available on Amazon.

As law enforcement, you must have an open and active investigation that:

Involves counterfeit or potential counterfeit.
Establishes a good faith that subject of your investigation is an Amazon seller.
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