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Enrolling in Brand Registry is the first step to becoming eligible for many brand-building programs. Amazon offers an exclusive set of tools to brand owners to help you improve conversion, drive discoverability, and protect intellectual property.

Launch your brand

Sell your own unique products using the tools we’ve created to help customers find your brand on Amazon.

There are so many reasons to build your brand with Amazon

We offer an exclusive set of brand benefit tools designed specifically for selling partners who are brand owners that have registered their brand with Amazon Brand Registry.
These tools can help to protect your brand, connect to customers, and inform your strategy.

Connect with customers

A+ Content
For brands who want to share their story, visually stand out against the competition, and help customers make the best shopping decisions.
Sponsored Brands
For brands who want to drive awareness and discovery of their brand and product portfolio within Amazon shopping results.
For brands who want to create an immersive home in the Amazon store, introducing audiences to your brand’s story, mission, and products, no matter the size of your brand.
Amazon Vine
For brands who want to build awareness, trust and boost sales of new or slow-moving products by inviting trusted reviewers in the Amazon store to post authentic customer reviews.
Customer engagement
For brands who want to build customer relationships, increase retention, and drive engagement by sending targeted email marketing campaigns.
Video shopping – Product videos
For brands who want to use video to showcase their products and help inform customers.
Amazon Live
For brands who want to engage with customers in real time with live streams.
Subscribe and Save
For brands who want to drive repeat purchases and build brand awareness among highly engaged customers.
Virtual bundles
For brands who want to offer product bundles to drive better shopping experiences, making it easier to discover and buy more from your brand’s catalogue.
*Availability and eligibility requirements can vary by program and marketplace.

Inform your strategy

Amazon Brand Analytics
For brands who want to leverage data to make strategic decisions to achieve their business goals.
Amazon Attribution
For brands who want to analyze the sales impact and earn a bonus from sales driven by their off-Amazon advertising and marketing efforts.
Brand referral bonus
Delight customers while improving marketing efficiency and earning a bonus. Now, you can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales driven by your non-Amazon marketing efforts. The more traffic you bring, the more opportunities you have to earn a bonus. The bonus is provided as a credit on your referral fees.
Manage your experiments
For brands who want to optimize their listings by running experiments to learn what content appeals to their customers, and helps drive more sales.
*Availability and eligibility requirements can vary by program and marketplace.

Grow your brand on Amazon

Brand Registry unlocks tools and programs specifically designed to help brands thrive on Amazon

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